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Size matters. Innovation requires a nimble, flexible approach. Our size lets us work side-by-side with our clients. We bring pluck and process, they bring industry expertise. Together, we uncover new opportunities for meaningful change. 


Will Skelton

Will's past lives include careers in anthropology, economics, design and education. At Emergent, he draws on them all. He's happiest in the field doing research, notebook full of insights in one hand, local street food in the other.

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JAMIE Munger

Jamie has led research and design projects in China, India, Haiti and across the US. She earned Masters degrees in both Design Research and Strategy and Business Administration from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, IL. Prior to launching Emergent she designed innovative outdoor gear for The North Face. She also holds a BA in Sociology from Emory UnIversity in Atlanta, GA and an AA in Fashion from FIDM in San Francisco, CA. 

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